Chef & Owner

David began his culinary journey 16 years ago in Mexico at Pizzoloto Culinary University. Since then he had the privilege of learning different cuisines such as Peruvian, Greek and Italian and was always known for creating delicious and unique flavours.

Six years ago David was blessed to have a beautiful daughter (Athena) and soon after he decided to change his career in an attempt to spend more time with his family. But that did not last long as his passion for food and his desire to raise his daughter the healthiest way possible brought him back into the culinary world.

David felt so great after switching to a vegetarian diet that he made it his personal mission to share his newly acquired knowledge and passion for cooking with people all over the world. Whether he is in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, in the cafe talking to our guests or attending the latest conference on nutrition, David has one goal: to show people that raw/vegan/vegetarian food can taste amazing and that feeling great and full of energy is possible.

Cooking is not just his Passion; it is his Life!